Topic of the Week: Numbers

It’s Tongue Talk Serbia’s feature topic of the week! Find out how to get free flashcards in Cyrillic and Latin to learn 24 new words.


English word: (sing.) number / (plural) numbers
Serbian Translation: (sing.) broj / (plural) brojevi

Before I get to the free flashcards, here is a fun way to incorporate numbers into your learning…

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Easy to Learn Serbian, Articles & Pronouns

Its never been easier to learn Serbian! Get FREE flashcards and FREE charts. Plus, links to other great sources.

So, you are interested in learning Serbian… I am here to help! As a matter of fact, I am learning too. My goal is to make learning as simple as possible for both of us. Now get on the boat and let’s learn about Articles & Pronouns.


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Every Thing You Need to Know to Tell Time in Serbian

It’s never been so easy to learn the time in another language. The AMAZING all-in-one chart for Telling Time in Serbian! It’s the only chart you’ll need and it’s FREE! No more books, apps, websites, or searching. You found it! Just this…

Telling Time in Serbian
Everything you need to know to tell time in Serbian.

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Alphabet Cards

 How to make my super awesome alphabet cards.


 Create these alphabet cards to help you learn the Serbian Azbuka and Abeceda. When I created my cards I used a rainbow pattern to give me clues to the order of the alphabet. The rainbow pattern will only work for one type of alphabet order, either the Azbuka (cyrillic), or the Abeceda (Latin). It depends on what is your focus. Also, it is not necessary. If you want to simplify the project you can just use one color for all of the cards, or, to even save you a few steps, index cards. You’ll need 30, as there are 30 letters in the Serbian alphabet.

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