How to Make a Rotating Chart to Learn the Days of the Week

Here is a great project to learn the days of the week in any language. It is fast, easy, and effective. Here we are learning them in Serbian.

Days of the Week Rotating Chart
Days of the Week Rotating Chart

2 paper plates
crayon, markers, or colored pencils
blank sharpie
Vocabulary List : Serbian months season day.


1. Take one paper plate and cut the inside circle out.

2. Measure the diameter. In the middle, at the 2.5″, mark an “x”. Around the outer edge measure 7 dots spaced out 2 & 3/16″. Using your ruler draw a line from the center to each mark made at the outer rim. This will give you 7 triangles.

3. Take the black sharpie and trace the lines you just made, and write in the day of the week in the triangles. I chose to do it in cyrillic, however you can do it in latin. Both are provided on the Vocabulary sheet.

4. With the other paper plate (working on the ridge part) mark 2.5″, 4 times along the inner circle. Mark the outer circle with 4 dots that are spaced about 3.5″ apart. As you did with the first paper plate, go to the flat center part of the plate and make the very center with an “x” at about 4 and 9/16 from ridged rim to ridged rim.

5. With ruler and sharpie, connect the inner dot to the outer dot. This will create 3 blocks to write in yesterday, today, and tomorrow. In the other open space write days of the week.  Use the sharpie to trace the center circle, and the outer edge circle.

6. Color the chart to your liking.

7. Poke a whole through both “x”s marking the center. Insert the fastener through the smaller circle then through the larger one and secure on the back. It will now rotate.

(Optional) 8. You can attach magnets to the back to use on the refrigerator, filing cabinet, or any other metal surface.

8. Learn the days of the week.