Lesson 1, Part A: the Cyrillic Alphabet

In this lesson, we are learning the Serbian alphabet in cyrillic. There are 30 letters in the Serbian alphabet. (I should warn you there are a few letters that I have trouble with).  The order of the Cyrillic alphabet is called azbuka (азбука). For sheets that show the order of the Serbian alphabet in cyrillic, the latin, and the cyrillic form in cursive, Click here.

Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic Developed the Cyrillic Alphabet
Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic
Developed the Cyrillic Alphabet

We can thank Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic for bring us the current form of the cyrillic alphabet. Vuk Stefanovaic Karadzic lived from November 6, 1787, to February 6, 1864. He was born in Trsic, Serbia. After serving in war against the Turks, Karadzic, went to Vienna where he spent the remainder of his life. While there, he collected Serbian poems, songs, tales, and other literature that eventually led to him reforming Serbian grammar and alphabet. He introduced 6 new letters to the alphabet to accompany sounds without letter association. He also eliminated 18 letters that no longer served any use in the Serbian language. In 1868, the Serbian government finally recognized and accept Karadzic’s reformed alphabet.

Karadzic also wrote a Serbian dictionary, “Serbian Folk Poems”, a book on Serbian proverbs.

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