Word of the Week: Fruit

It’s Tongue Talk Serbia’s feature word of the week! Find out how to get free flashcards in Cyrillic and Latin to learn 24 new words.


This week’s FREE flashcard topic is …

English word: Fruit
Serbian Translation: Voce

Before I get to the free flashcards…

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Easy to Learn Serbian, the Verb “Biti”

Learning made easy with FREE charts and FREE flashcards! Plus, other great sources to learn Serbian.

The very first verb one should learn is “to be”. This is so in any language.

In Serbian, “to be” is translated into biti. There are two forms of this word, long and short. In this blog post we will focus on the short form, present tense.

Two things you should know about the short form of biti:

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Easy to Learn Serbian, Articles & Pronouns

Its never been easier to learn Serbian! Get FREE flashcards and FREE charts. Plus, links to other great sources.

So, you are interested in learning Serbian… I am here to help! As a matter of fact, I am learning too. My goal is to make learning as simple as possible for both of us. Now get on the boat and let’s learn about Articles & Pronouns.


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Book Review, “Da Li Sam Ja Mala?”

A Serbian-English children’s book about self acceptance. A book review by Tongue Talk Serbia and a 6 year old.

THE AUTHOR: “Da Li Sam Ja Mala?” is one of many books written by Phillip Winterberg. He writes children’s books about topics related to friendship, mindfulness, and happiness.

SYNOPSIS: “Da Li Sam Ja Mala?” is about a little girl  named Tamia, who is on a mission to discover how others see her. What she finds is how she sees herself.

It is a story about size and perspective. Each character Tamia talks to sees her from a different point of view. To some she is small, to others big. But what does she see for herself? Read it and find out!

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Serbian Inspired Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is a favorite in my house. We make it pretty often and it never seems to get old. Here is my variation of Chicken soup to bring some Serbian flavor to your table.

Chicken soup is probably one of the most popular soups out there. There are so many ways to prepare it. My version of chicken soup is inspired by my Serbian heritage. I use garlic and vegeta to get that Eastern European taste.

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Vegeta, a Croatian Seasoning

Bring Balkan inspired food to the table with just a bit of Vegeta.

Vegeta is a versatile seasoning that is produced by a Croatian Company,  Podravka. It has been around since the birth of Barbie (1959)!

I am not sure of the correct pronunciation for the word vegeta. I grew up saying Ve-get-a, however I’ve recently heard it called ve-jet-a.

Eating and cooking with vegeta make me feel like I am stepping into Eastern Europe. It is a staple seasoning in the Balkans.

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How to Fill Your Palacinke

Palacinke is like eggs and jeans. It goes with anything. But, if you need a few ideas…

I am a bit late with this post. Izvini (Sorry).

Last food post I shared the recipe for palacinke, the Serbian pancake. Today I share some of my favorite ways to eat them.

Palacinke is like eggs and jeans. It goes with anything. You can stuff it with fruit, cream, meats, roasted veggies, fish, sugar and nuts… whatever you taste buds call for, AND you can eat it anytime of day.

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