About TTS

Alex Author of this blog

Tongue Talk Serbia is for anyone that wants to learn Serbian.

I am reconnecting with my Serbian roots. Thus, I’ve created Tongue Talk Serbia to share it all: knowledge, growth, experiences, practices, culture, and …motivation for you to learn. Get Fresh on the boat. We are headed… Serbian.

The Serbian language is not just limited to the country Serbia. It is also spoken in the Balkan countries Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia. These countries also practice many of the same traditions and customs with some variations.

Why on Earth did I start this blog?

I started this blog to brush up on the Serbian that I do know, learn all that I can, and to become a confident speaker. I know a lot more than I give myself credit for, but the hardest thing for me is trusting what I know and just speak. My knowledge is limited, I am not as fluent as I would like to be and I know it needs LOTS of work, so I am learning and passing on my knowledge to you.

Tongue Talk Serbia is a motivator for me and a measurement of my progress. It is my journal, filing cabinet, and organizer that I share with YOU. So make sure to stay connected that way you can always find me. They are many ways to get fresh on the boat: subscribe to my email list, follow this blog, follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, G+, You Tube.

Why Serbian?

My parent emigrated to the USA in the 70s. Growing up I was surrounded by the Serbian culture and language.  I’ve been removed from it beginning in my teen years. And now that I have children, I find that I want them to know the language and culture.

I still have lots of family in Serbia. Perhaps someday I can visit there again with my husband and children.

Until then…

Let’s get Fresh on the Boat!

Learning Principles:

  • T: Thorough – Details, details, details. For that deeper knowledge
  • O: Open – It’s a 2 way street. Conversation, comments, ideas, insight, corrections.
  • N: Noteworthy – Making learning  Fun, Useful, & Easy.
  • G: Give – Sharing is caring.
  • U: Universal – There is more to a language than words.
  • E: Effort – Effort reaps results.

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