Book Review: A Guide to the Serbian Mentality

Before your trip to Serbia, read this book!


A Guide to the Serbian Mentality  by Momo Kapor, is a pretty darn good! NO, it’s a GREAT book.

You know how when you are preparing to go to a new place, you may go out and purchase, or at least look, at a tourist book so that you might find all of the best places to go?  Well, this book is THAT BOOK to read before traveling to Serbia. A Guide to the Serbian Mentality is a great precursor book for those new or seasoned travelers making their way to Serbia. It’s a great cultural reference, it’s fun to read, you’ll read about foods you’ll just have to try, and not just places to visit, but why.  There surely are places I want to visit because of this book. Thanks Gospodin Kapor.

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Momo Kapor is from Belgrade. He writes about his beloved country with such an unconditional love that is light and joyful. He shares culture, history, and everyday life.

The book focuses on Belgrade, the capitol of Serbia.  The first third of the book is centered around food. At first I thought that was going to be it… Momo Kapor’s obsession with food. But, it is not. Even if it was it would still be worth reading. You see, he explains the history of the food. Why kajmak and ajvar are so culturally significant. Plus, he’s funny.

He compares an American burger to the Serbian burger and explains why he so prefers the pljeskavica. And of course, after I finished the book… I had to go and make pljeskavica. It was pretty awesome! It reminded me of my youth when I was surrounded by all things Serbian.

I enjoyed hearing about why the Serbs enjoy the things they do, why they despise the things they do, and why they do the things they do. Momo Kapor’s point-of-view is so rich and interesting.

If you are into the “why” and history, then you’ll like those aspects of this book just as much as I did. This is the must read guide book before visiting Serbia.

My favorite chapter in the book, which I think just about says it all is …. “East and West in a Sandwich”.

I will definitely have to read this book again before my trip to Serbia. I’ll have to have my husband read it too!

I hope you give it a shot. It is great. A Guide to the Serbian Mentality” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Buy it    via any link post on this page and you’ll be helping me out too. I get a little kick back from all the sales purchased through these links. Hvala (Thank you).

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