How to Play Tablić

A Serbian card game to play with the family.


If you are looking for a new card game, or a fun way to add Serbian culture to your daily life, learn Tablić.  Tablić is a Serbian card game for 2-4 players.

Recently I was enjoying a trip to Florida to visit my parents and sisters. I was playing Uno with my Dad when all of a sudden he said, “We should play Tablić!”

I haven’t played this game since my trip to Serbia in 2001, and honestly, I don’t remember if I ever played before that. Anyhow, the next day my Dad hands me a deck of cards and re-teaches me the game. It didn’t take long before my sister and mother joined us for a 4 person game.

My husband, determined to learn Tablić, sat by inquisitively observing the game. He found it a bit confusing, but he’s use to complex games likes Sheepshead, which I don’t get at all, plus… we had a few drinks.

Tablić  is a fairly simple game. Basically, it is a matching game using math. I taught my 7 year old daughter who picked it up right away.

You can play it anytime, anywhere. It’s very easy to learn and it’s  SO MUCH FUN to play! All you need is two people, the rules, and a deck of cards  (try out this Serbian deck).

Add some Serbian time to your life and play the game with your kids, spouse, or friends. Now, have a BLAST and Play Tablić!

Learning challenge: Try playing Tablić while saying the numbers in Serbian.

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Author: alex mundt

I love to learn and share my knowledge.

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