Easy to Learn Serbian, the Verb “Biti”

Learning made easy with FREE charts and FREE flashcards! Plus, other great sources to learn Serbian.


The very first verb one should learn is “to be”. This is so in any language.

In Serbian, “to be” is translated into biti. There are two forms of this word, long and short. In this blog post we will focus on the short form, present tense.

Two things you should know about the short form of biti:

  1. it is the most commonly used form, and
  2. it must be used with a personal pronoun.

Biti Short Form Chart with header.jpg

The words in the parenthesis are personal pronouns and must be used when using the short form of biti. In use, the pronoun would come first followed by the corresponding short form of biti. See the Biti Short Form Chart.

Pay attention to the gender in 3rd person singular and plural.

Now that you found me, follow my blog to learn Serbian with me. Also, check out the other great learning sources below:

If you are a flashcard person check out my FREE Short Form to be (biti) Flashcards all ready to go. Just hit print. Want a printable chart? Get a FREE PDF chart for Biti here!

To learn more about the verb biti, check out Marina Petrovic’s website Learn Serbian. She takes the verb a step after and breaks it down into Present, Past and Future.

Looking for a good Serbian grammar book? Colloquial Croatian and Serbian: The Complete Course for Beginners, is a fantastic book to get you going. This is the grammar book that I use.

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Happy Learning!

Author: alex mundt

I love to learn and share my knowledge.

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