Easy to Learn Serbian, Articles & Pronouns

Its never been easier to learn Serbian! Get FREE flashcards and FREE charts. Plus, links to other great sources.


So, you are interested in learning Serbian… I am here to help! As a matter of fact, I am learning too. My goal is to make learning as simple as possible for both of us. Now get on the boat and let’s learn about Articles & Pronouns.



An Article is a word that is used to modify a noun or adjective. The words a, an, and the are these words. Articles are divided into two groups:

  1. A, AN : are INDEFINITE articles (unknown) that are used when speaking GENERALLY about a noun, or sometimes adjective. e.x. I saw a hat on the bench. Just some random hat.
  2. THE: is a DEFINITE article (known) used to speak SPECIFICALLY about a noun, or sometimes an adjective. e.x. I saw the hat on the bench. Here we are talking about a particular hat.

So… as you can see, the purpose of an article changes the context of the word that is being modified. In the Serbian language Articles DO NOT EXIST! In Serbian, the context of a word is conveyed in the sentence formation.


The Serbian word for pronoun is zamenice. Pronouns are substitution words for other nouns or noun phrases. In the English language there are 5 different pronoun categories, in Serbian there are 7. In this blog post we will focus on Subject Pronouns. These words are he, she, it, we, you, & they. This would be considered the Nominative Case in Serbian.  Get the PDF subject-pronouns version of the chart below.


Note 2nd person: Ti is the singular (familiar) you which is used when talking to someone you know well, or your age or younger. Vi is the plural (formal) you and is used when speaking to a group of people or when you are being respectful, i.e. speaking to someone older, a teacher, boss, unknown person, or just to show courtesy.

Note 3rd person singular feminine and 3rd person plural neuter share the same Serbian word ona.

Now that you found me, follow my blog to learn Serbian with me. Also, check out the other great learning sources below:

If you are a flashcard person check out my FREE Pronoun flashcards all ready to go. Just hit print.

To learn more about pronouns check out Larisa Zlatic Language Services.

Looking for a good Serbian grammar book? Colloquial Croatian and Serbian: The Complete Course for Beginners, is a fantastic book to get you going. This is the grammar book that I use.

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Author: alex mundt

I love to learn and share my knowledge.

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