Vegeta, a Croatian Seasoning

Bring Balkan inspired food to the table with just a bit of Vegeta.


Vegeta is a versatile seasoning that is produced by a Croatian Company,  Podravka. It has been around since the birth of Barbie (1959)!

I am not sure of the correct pronunciation for the word vegeta. I grew up saying Ve-get-a, however I’ve recently heard it called ve-jet-a.

Eating and cooking with vegeta make me feel like I am stepping into Eastern Europe. It is a staple seasoning in the Balkans.

Vegeta is used to flavor all sorts of dishes such as meats, rice, salads, fish, soup and just about anything you can think of. It is made of dehydrated and ground vegetables including celery, parsnip, carrots, parsley, onion and potato. The flavor is distinctive of salt and onion.

Because it is a bit salty, when cooking with it make sure to check the flavor before adding salt: about 1 teaspoon of vegeta for every cup of water. If you are looking to substitute chicken, beef, or ham broth with a vegetable broth, or if you need a vegetable based broth  vegeta is perfect for that.

Vegeta is yellow with bits of white, orange, and green. When added to food it will give the dish a yellow hue.

I love the texture of this seasoning. It is coarsely ground so you can see bits of the orange, white, green vegetables and herbs. Vegeta dissolves very well in water so, you won’t have to worry about those relatively larger bits.

You can find vegeta in European Grocery Stores. If you don’t have one near you or they don’t carry it you can always buy vegeta on Amazon.

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I have been cooking with vegeta for many years now and will gladly share some of my favorite recipes using vegeta with you, so make sure to follow my blog.

List of some of my favorite recipes using vegeta:

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