Top 3 Serbian Apps for Kids

Three FREE kid apps to teach your child Serbian or Croatian. They are so easy to use an adult could do it. Here is my take on them and a link to get you going.


Technology has opened so many doors for learning. Information is everywhere! There is no excuse why you cannot do anything. Today gathering data is a simple as looking at your phone. I love it! I remember have to sift through pages and pages of books just to find what I wanted, and it took hours! Man, kids have it easy today. And boy, do they sure covet the use of any electronic device. A BBC article from May 2015, says that kids 5-16 years of age spend an average of six and half hours on electronics daily!

As much as I enjoying watching my kids play outside, and read a hardcopy book, I think it is important for my kids to know how to use a cell phone, a tablet, and a computer. After all, electronics IS the world today, and technology IS the way of the future. So, why not turn some of that six and a half hours into knowledge by downloading useful and FUN apps that get those little brains churning?

I downloaded a few Serbian and Croatian apps and tested them out with my kids. Before I get into the apps let me just say that there is a slight difference between Serbian and Croatian. Some words are completely different. Such as tomato which is pronounced paradis in Serbian, and rajćica in Croatian. Furthermore, variations of words exist such as mlijeko in Croatian, and mleko in Serbian, both meaning milk. Grammar remain the same, for the most part, in both languages. So it’s ok to learn from either one, however, as you get deeper into your studies, you will see these variations. So just keep that in mind. Now for the apps…

Here are my top 3 kid apps:

  1. I Learn With Fun – Serbian: Here is a great FREE app that teaches azbuka AND abecede, as well as vocabulary for shapes, numbers, colors, animals, household objects and other such things. Everything is in Cyrillic AND in Latin. I Learn With Fun-Serbian is perfect for learning the alphabets. It shows both forms of the letter, gives the pronunciation, and the order in which the letter falls in in each of the alphabets.  Another thing I really enjoy about this app is the shapes. It goes beyond your basic circle, triangle, square, and dives into arrows, spirals, and other symbols. Really great job there. More vocabulary topics are available for $1.49/ group. I had an issue with an advertisement that stayed on the very center of my screen making it hard to do anything. Let me just say I was very pleased with the service as they worked to remove the ad. Within a few days the problem was cleared up and I haven’t had an issue since (knock on wood). The only downfall to this app is that it is not compatible with Apple devices. I finally got myself a laptop that allowed me to install this app. So glad I did, because this is a wonderful app that teaches the foundation of the Serbian language. FYI, it also has country facts.


  1. Gus on the Go -Croatian: A fantastic app! And it’s FREE! This is so great for building basic vocabulary. It goes over animals, shapes, colors, food, vehicle and much more. It is also full of memory games to reinforce the vocabulary. As you conquer one category, new words and games become available. Or just get it all at once for $3.99. Compatible with Apple & Android devices.


  1. Build A Word -Serbian: Here is another wonderful app to learn letters. The goal of this app is to learn how to use the letters. It trains you to hear a letter and build a word from it. Likewise, you hear a word and break down the sounds into letters. It’s a wonderful app that advance one’s knowledge of letters. Both Cyrillic and Latin are included. And, it is FREE!

I am killing three birds with one stone here! My kids are learning Serbian, they are learning how to use the electronic device, and they get that sweet time they so desire on “the ipad”.

If you follow my blog, you’ll get e-mail updates each time I post a blog. The next language category will be my top Serbian/Croatian apps for adults. So, if you are not yet on the Tongue Talk Serbian boat, just go to the right and click follow.

Do you have a Serbian or Croatian app to share? If so, leave a comment and tell me about it. Or, have you tried any of the three apps from this post? If so, what do you think about them?



Author: alex mundt

I love to learn and share my knowledge.

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