A Free Mother’s Day Note in Serbian

Give your Majka (Mother) the sweetest note for Mother’s Day. Here is a FREE sheet written in Serbian to share with your mom. No card necessary. The Mother’s Day Sheet IS the perfect card. She’ll love it!

Mother's Day Sheet

Before I give you the Mother’s Day Sheet…

I have to give a special shout out to my fabulous mother. I totally ruined the surprise of sending this Serbian Mother’s Day Message to her because I needed her help with it. I am still not very confident with my grammar so, I had to have her help me with the translation.

Thank you my AMAZING mother!!!

Me and my Mom 2010
Here we are in 2010. Love her.

I came across a mother quote a few days ago that I just love. No clue who it’s from. Nonetheless, the quote is…

wait, wait, wait

Let’s do some Serbian stuff quickly. Vocabulary.

Mother – Majka
Day – Dan
Title – Naslov
Happy – Srecan
Love – Voleti
Queen – Kraljica
Above – Iznad

The quote in Serbian is… “Majka. Naslov samo iznad Kraljice”.

Alright, now, as promised here is the Serbian Mother’s Day Sheet. Spread the love and Pin it. Have an wonderful Mother’s Day with your mom! Srecan Dan Majki.

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Before you go … can you translate the quote? Go for it!


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I love to learn and share my knowledge.

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