Alphabet Cards

 How to make my super awesome alphabet cards.


 Create these alphabet cards to help you learn the Serbian Azbuka and Abeceda. When I created my cards I used a rainbow pattern to give me clues to the order of the alphabet. The rainbow pattern will only work for one type of alphabet order, either the Azbuka (cyrillic), or the Abeceda (Latin). It depends on what is your focus. Also, it is not necessary. If you want to simplify the project you can just use one color for all of the cards, or, to even save you a few steps, index cards. You’ll need 30, as there are 30 letters in the Serbian alphabet.


For this project you will need: Papir, lepak, makaze, olovka, crvena i crno obor il marker, whole punch (don’t know the Serbian word) and spisak. (PAPER,  in 6 different colors + 2 sheets each of black and white for the letters, a RULER, GLUE, SCISSORS, PENCIL, black and red PENS or MARKERS, 1′ diameter WHOLE PUNCH, and this LIST  of words for pronunciations.


Using the ruler measure 3″x3.5″ cards (or use whatever size you like). Mark with pencil.


Cut the sheets into cards. You will need 5 cards in each color. Stack them in alternating colors for a rainbow effect. VARIATION: Instead of a multicolored set, use one color or index cards.


Use the list to write and cut out the letters, slove. I used block letters. For the Cyrillic alphabet, Azbuka, use the black paper, and for the Latin alphabet, Abeceda, use the white paper. (For Cyrillic I did the uppercase and lowercase letters, and only the uppercase for the Latin letters). VARIATION: Instead of cutting out letters you can just write on the card.


Punch 30 1″-diameter wholes from the white paper. If you don’t have the whole punch, you can use scissors to cut out 1″ circles. VARIATION: you can write the word directly on the card. Make sure you choose ink that will show up on the paper.


In pen, or marker, write down the words from the list onto the circular cutouts.Use the red ink to highlight the part of the word that is used to produce the sound of the letter in Serbian, and use the black ink, for the part of the word that is NOT used in the pronunciation.


Glue the Cyrillic uppercase and lower case letters onto one side of the card.


Glue the white letters, and the circular cut out onto the other side of the card. To preserve the cards have them laminated. This is of course, optional.

Now you are finished. Put those cards to use. I dare you!



Author: alex mundt

I love to learn and share my knowledge.

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