Book Review: A Guide to the Serbian Mentality

Before your trip to Serbia, read this book!


A Guide to the Serbian Mentality  by Momo Kapor, is a pretty darn good! NO, it’s a GREAT book.

You know how when you are preparing to go to a new place, you may go out and purchase, or at least look, at a tourist book so that you might find all of the best places to go?  Well, this book is THAT BOOK to read before traveling to Serbia. A Guide to the Serbian Mentality is a great precursor book for those new or seasoned travelers making their way to Serbia. It’s a great cultural reference, it’s fun to read, you’ll read about foods you’ll just have to try, and not just places to visit, but why.  There surely are places I want to visit because of this book. Thanks Gospodin Kapor.

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Book Review: Serbian Fairy Tales

Connect with Serbian culture by enjoying its fairy tales.

For Christmas, I received the book Serbian Fairy Tales, compiled and edited by David Falkayn, published in 2004 by Athena Books.

The book didn’t take long to get through as it is only 68 pages. It contains 13 short stories and two illustrations, found at the end of the book.

I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick read, to those interested in learning about Serbian culture, or those that enjoy fantasy tales of far of lands.

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Musaka, Moussaka

It doesn’t matter how it’s spelled, what matters is the taste! Enjoy my musaka dish made with sweet potatoes.

Musaka is a dish from the Balkans, Middle East, and Eastern Mediterranean areas. The most common spelling I find is Moussaka, which is Greek. But, of course I am tapping into my Serbian roots so, I will spell it the Serbian way, musaka! Just so you know the computer hates the way I spell musaka. 😀

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How Serbs Celebrate Halloween

Want to get spooked in Serbian? Join me for “7 Days of Noc Vestica”. Plus, get 24 FREE Halloween themed flashcards.

I love Halloween! But, I haven’t always enjoyed it as much as I do now. It wasn’t until I had kids that I really got into Halloween. We live in the U.S. and it’s a big thing here. There is trick or treat, trunk or treat, Halloween parties and events galore! The candy is out of control. I can’t believe how much candy my kids get. And how much I end up eating. Ugh. But it tastes so goooood. My favorite part is the costumes. I am such a DIY person. I just love coming up with the ideas of what we will be, then making the costume, and finally dressing up!

Oh yes, this blog is about How Serbs Celebrate Halloween.

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Topic of the Week: Numbers

It’s Tongue Talk Serbia’s feature topic of the week! Find out how to get free flashcards in Cyrillic and Latin to learn 24 new words.

English word: (sing.) number / (plural) numbers
Serbian Translation: (sing.) broj / (plural) brojevi

Before I get to the free flashcards, here is a fun way to incorporate numbers into your learning…

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Easy To Learn Serbian, Biti Negative Form

Learning made easy with FREE charts and FREE flashcards! Plus, other great sources to learn Serbian.

We’ve already learned the short and long forms of Biti. Now there is one more thing to learn about the first verb biti, the negative form.  It is quite simple…

Biti Negative Form Chart with header

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